Inspected with integrity

Top Ten Defects

Knowing about some of the situations that can exist in home allows you to be well-informed. History tells us that there are potential items that have been discovered as the top ten defects in most homes.

Leaks due to flashing, material failure due to aging and deterioration

Ceiling Stains, Indicating Past or Current Roof Leaks:
The problem here is that you often can’t tell if the roof still leaks, unless it is inspected on a rainy day. Some stains are merely the residual effects of leaks that have been repaired. There is also the possibility that the ceiling stains were caused by a former leak in the roof.

Water Intrusion:
Water penetration into the basement or crawlspace due to surface water conditions, poor rain water distribution, poor grading around the foundation

Electrical Safety Issues:
Due to age of home, lack of ground fault circuit interrupters, faulty wiring conditions in panels or elsewhere in the home, improper sized circuit breakers and fuses, etc.

The operating (moving) windows and doors will wear out over time. Impacts include air infiltration, difficult to clean/operate, and increased energy costs. Condensation frequently forms when warm, moist interior air reaches the cool metal frame. Combine that source of moisture with dust and dirt due to a lack of cleaning and the end results is a mold growth.

Air filters, accumulations of dirt may signal improper preventive maintenance or system failures.

Rotten Wood:
Rotted wood at exterior and at various plumbing fixtures, roof eaves, decks, steps, tubs and showers, and below toilets

Issues due to improper construction and/or alterations, or cracks in the foundation wall may indicate a serious structural problem

Fireplace and Chimney Conditions:
Lack of maintenance and cleaning, fire safety issues, lack of rain caps

Be very cautious of a home suffering from deferred maintenance. You can spot them immediately and they will cost you a lot of money to bring them up to acceptable standards.