Inspected with integrity


Mold Screening
Mold Screening with a Home Inspection: $75
Mold Screening without a Home Inspection: $225
Mold Sampling Per Sample: $95

Indoor Air Quality Testing Service Fee: $325 / $95 Per Sample

Mold Screening
The scope of the mold screening consists of visual assessment for mold problems in all defined areas of the interior and exterior of the property being inspected along with a collection of mold samples identified during the screening.

Mold Sampling
The inspector can not determine the extent or type of mold being sampled from visual assessment alone.  Samples must be collected before the presence or absence of mold can be quantified.  After samples are collected, they are sent to an accredited lab where they are analyzed for the presence of mold.  The lab will then issue a report detailing the presence and type of mold, if any, found in the samples.

Indoor Air Quality Testing
PHI provides Indoor Air Quality testing service to assist in determining the presence and extent and type of mold in the indoor air. Samples are collected and are sent to an accredited lab where they are analyzed for the presence of mold. The sampling results represent the conditions of the indoor environment at the time of the sampling and are not a pass/fail indicator. These indoor air quality sampling results along with an evaluation of the conditions within the home should be considered when deciding on the need and extent of mold remediation. A professional mold remediation contractor along with other professionals can assist you in understanding potential sources of moisture and mold and the need for remediation. In addition, people respond differently to the varying conditions of the indoor environment. If anyone in the home is experiencing symptoms it is advisable to consult with your health care specialist.