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The notices below are intended to protect the rights of ownership of the Home Inspection Report by the client named in this report and to assist any subsequent party and/or Real Estate Professional in understanding report confidentiality, subsequent use and re-distribution of the Home Inspection Report. By accepting and utilizing this Home Inspection Report you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the notices, terms and conditions.

NOTICE TO THIRD PARTIES: This Report is the exclusive property of PROFESSIONAL HOME INSPECTION, LLC and the Client listed in this report and is not transferable to any third party or subsequent buyers or sellers/owners. Our inspection and this Report have been performed with a written contract agreement that limits the inspection and report scope and usefulness. Unauthorized recipients are therefore advised not to rely upon this Report, but rather to retain the services of an appropriately qualified home inspector of their choice to provide them with their own inspection and report.

REPORT CONFIDENTIALITY: This report is solely for the benefit of the client listed in this report. Any person or party designated by the client to receive information within this report shall be subject to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS including the Notices contained herein.

NOTICE TO REAL ESTATE AGENTS: DO NOT RE-DISTRIBUTE: This report and its contents are the exclusive property of the party who commissioned and paid for its creation and development. It was commissioned by the client named in the report for the sole purpose of the active real estate transaction at the time and date of the inspection/report. This report is non-transferable and is not to be re-distributed or used by any other party or for any other purpose then intended by the party who commissioned and paid for it. Only the named client of this report may authorize its re-distribution and use by any other party.

Real Estate Professionals are prohibited from re-distributing this report to any third party without the authorization to re-distribution by the named client in the report. Professional Home Inspection, LLC is exempt from ALL liability with regard to the report content to any third party.