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Well Performance Inspection

Well Performance Inspection
With a General Home Inspection: $195
Without a General Home Inspection: $225

A well performance inspection is intended to assist the client in the evaluation of the overall condition of the drinking water well. The inspection is based on observations of the visible and apparent condition of the well and its components.

We will make observations of the area surrounding the well, well location, visible well casing, well cap, the pressure/storage tank, the pressure switch, wiring, any open visible piping, valves and gauges. We will measure flow rates. Observe the operation of the pressure switch. Note and confirm pressure switch settings. Perform a draw down test to attempt to replicate actual usage of a family living in the property under actual conditions.

The Inspector’s inspection of the drinking water well and the accompanying report include:

  • The Area Surrounding the Well
  • Areas of Standing Water
  • Insects or Rodents Seen at, or in the Well Casing or Cap
  • Evidence of Wood Destroying Insect Treatment Near Well
  • Observations of Above Ground Storage Tanks
  • Evidence of Buried Storage Tanks
  • Gas Stations or Industries Near the Well
  • The Visible Well Casing
  • The Well Cap
  • The Visible Pump Condition
  • The Pressure/Storage Tank
  • The Pressure Switch and Pressure Switch Settings – P.S.I.
  • The Open Visible Piping
  • The Valves and Pressure Gauges
  • The Flow Rates in G.P.M.
  • The Visible Wiring
  • The Draw-down Test
  • Observations of Adjacent Properties